Clever, simple business software and processes

We help you to make better informed decisions to drive growth and scale in your business by creating improved workflows and processes through all or part of your business operations.

We know it’s possible so that’s why we create and deliver the best software solutions to help you shape and run your processes with confidence.

We offer:

  1. Intuitive consultancy and technology planning
  2. Innovative and fit-for-purpose-software
  3. Foundation licensed software
  4. Data-led design
  5. Technology management

You’ll experience a supported and insightful service that gives you an eco-system of technology to lead your business forward. We’ll work together to create a system that wraps around your business to give you control. That might mean harnessing and integrating solutions that are already in place, building middleware to consume your data or building a custom piece that solves a challenge. What’s the difference when you do it this way? You’ll build a deeper, more effective understanding of your business: no guessing, no compromises, just the single truth.


They apply a very methodical and pragmatic approach to understanding the task at hand. Ask the right questions, are open, honest, decisive and go above and beyond their duties, which really struck a chord with me


Working through the process with Lou, it challenged me to think deeply about what we want, what the system would ultimately look like and how it would meet our needs

Financial Fortress

We like the bespoke nature of [their] approach which means they work to understand our business so they build a system that is going to meet our needs, they also supported us with what we needed for our grant application which was above and beyond what they had to do. We also like that whilst they listen to what we want and build what we require, they do also challenge us to think about the current way we do things so that if the processes can be improved, they will be.



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