It’s very important to Urban that any work we do for your business is owned by your company. Ownership is the right of possession and when you’ve invested so much into your operations both in time and resources, it’s only reasonable to expect that you have the right to retain it as an asset.

Building further commercial asset into your business is particularly significant for companies considering investment, ISO accreditation and those creating an exit strategy.

Because software (at its most complex) can run the entire show, it’s become indistinguishable from the investment you make with employees, machinery, vehicles, buildings and clients.

So, the thought of losing that investment is not a problem we want our clients to have. We know it happens in the industry but we make it quite clear from the start that it’s yours and we are just the vehicle for you to achieve your goals.

When we hand over your project, we also hand over the source code. We can maintain it in a repository for any future changes made by us or you can easily hand it to another Microsoft developer. it means that you can make any changes and developments to the software to suit your growth.

We also understand that businesses change direction and software needs to respond in a timely manner to your processes. If you’ve got possession of your own product, you can adapt and evolve without waiting for your ‘off the shelf’ to provide the next step.

This is the freedom and inspiration we give to our clients.