Urban went back to its roots over the summer to give disruptive start-up, Guerilla ICT a fitting platform to raise its new brand and message.  

Managing Director, Craig Hall is a veteran of both the forces and the telecoms industry and has tasked his new company with a goal that has long been his mantra: to strip out the complex way IT solutions are bundled together and to force the industry into transparent and fair contracts. Fed up and frustrated with the ‘standard’ industry behaviour, Craig believes his company can lead a new way of doing business and wants to highlight the inadequacies and flaws that run through 20+ years of mobile, Internet and comms services.  

Lou Crane, CEO of The Urban Technology Group said, “the bespoke approach from Guerilla and their exceptional customer care is one we reflect here at Urban so being able to service this new company that holds such high standards was an absolute pleasure”. 

Urban needed to harness Craig’s passion and years of knowledge and channel it into one site to make visitors sit up and think seriously about their own business IT. It was important to Craig that the website’s message reflected the company’s values – honesty, integrity and disruption and that we backed up his mission to ‘change the way new technology is deployed, consumed, contracted and managed in order to bring real benefits to UK businesses’. 

The aim of the website was to bring clarity to an already overly complicated industry, to offer a straightforward opportunity to have your costs assessed through the ‘Cup of Tea Challenge’ and to make the journey a pleasurable one. You’ll see some great graphics, a powerful brand and a site that works as it should across all platforms and devices. It’s a solid and stable site that showcases Guerilla ICT as a leader of industry disruption.  

Speaking of why Guerilla ICT engaged The Urban Technology Group, Craig Hall said “Urban got us immediately. I felt from the off that we had the right partner. The resulting website that has been produced surpassed my initial hopes. We love it”. 

Having had the pleasure of spending time with Craig over the last few months, we know Guerilla ICT will make its mark and any customer of theirs will undoubtedly enjoy many years of outstanding service.  

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