Led by ambitious Managing Director, Karen Evans FCCA, TicTax works alongside accountants helping their clients save money by being their trusted Research & Development (R&D) tax expert. Today we are thrilled to be able to spend some time with Karen to talk about her vision for her projects and why she has recently chosen to work with The Urban Technology Group.

Karen Evans of TicTax Ltd

How did your vision for your project come about?

I have had this idea for some five years; I have always recognised the need to build a solution that on-boards and automates my clients and administrative activities so that I am able to add value in a personal way.

How did you meet Lou and hear of the Urban Technology Group?

I came across Lou on LinkedIn, we got talking and it soon became evident that we were aligned on our values and the way we approach projects, so it was a perfect fit.  Lou also mentions R&D tax credits in her profile, so I felt that she understood the operating landscape.

How did you know that the Urban Technology Group could do a good job for you?

As soon as Lou and I met I knew that they would do a great job for me.  Lou has a common sense approach, volunteering lots of different ideas for my business. I know there are a few providers out there that do similar to what Lou and team do, however many of them will recommend solutions which just aren’t fit for purpose with a lot of wasted functionality.  The Urban Technology Group truly understands my brief and will design a solution that is unique to me and fits exactly with my business need.

What exactly will the Urban Technology Group be building for you and your business?

I will be working with Lou and team to implement a bespoke software solution that will enable me to automate a lot of the administrative activities involved with on boarding new clients. The system will be seamless and offer me data collection options also. My clients will experience a streamlined system which leaves me to do what I do best: Add value and build that personal interface with the client knowing that the system is taking care of the rest. Alongside that, the Urban Technology Group will be building me a website to enable me to showcase exactly what it is I do.

When are you hoping for the projects to go live? We are well ahead with the website design and build so that will be live in the next few weeks. As far as the bespoke software project, we are approaching this in stages with the first phase ready to go live within three months.

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