At The Urban Technology Group we work with ambitious business owners who are seeking to create better business control.

Typically, clients come to us because they are trying to manage on fractured and disparate systems, often using a combination of excel spreadsheets, Word docs, old databases and pieces of software that aren’t integrated. And what they really need is their data all in one place, with an efficient workflow, an engaged team and accurate reports so that they can make informed decisions about the business.

Together we explore your operations, collaborate on the best approach and then build bespoke business management software around you.

We make the process really easy and informative. It’s tailored to fit you exactly, to be data-led and it scales as you scale. You don’t need to worry about subscriptions because the software belongs to the company and becomes an asset for the future.

So not only do you control the software, you control your data and we show you how to make the data actionable so that it works hard for your business.

We’ll take you on a journey that will enable you to understand your business with more depth and authority so that you can challenge the routines. But what you’ll end up with is data truth so that you will have surety and backing for each business decision. We’ll only ever develop what you need at the time, making sure that we create tangible value at each stage.

If you feel you’re not quite managing your operations as you’d like, or co-ordinating each data point is becoming difficult, let us help you to shape your business future. Drop an email, phone us or message on LinkedIn and we would be delighted to offer a complimentary discovery session to give you a clear start.

Think business.  Think data. Think Urban.

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