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The Urban Tech Group
was founded with this aim

To bring digital transformation to the SME sector for businesses looking to move to the next level

Urban Tech is the result of the coming together of two successful tech businesses; both were focused on high standards of delivery and customer care but by combining expertise in delivering digital transformation, process and data management and driving increased efficiencies by leveraging technology and software, we have built a compelling line of services for SMEs to take advantage of.

However, given what the last couple of years have brought, we’ve taken the opportunity to think more deeply about how we operate in the world. We want our business story to be shared by the team around us, and that means we adapt each person’s role to how they feel comfortable working.

We have a hub for meetings and team days, and that can be used in any way our developers, project managers or business manager wants to use it. We love a flexible approach and know that the people around us are passionate about the work they do and everyday they uphold our shared values and ambition.

Our hub is where we help SME leaders to innovate, shape operations and grow in efficiency and value. We want to embrace tech education, empowerment and social conscience.

Our values

They are more than representative – they are us

& Fairness
Care &
Curiosity &

We believe our values affirm and guide our relationships as we work relentlessly to nurture understanding and kindness for our clients and colleagues. We always insist on open and fair communication and the importance of taking ownership and control of our decisions. We are ambitious in our learning and work to share ideas, enhance the project experience and make giving back a priority.

Who we are

Discover our team

Our innovative developers are all business-focused, based in the North west, have worked in both corporate and SME industries and are understanding of the internal pressures being regularly met by businesses, rather than coming from agency backgrounds. This greatly assists the strength and success of the team as we share the same principles and desired outcomes for our clients.

Lou Crane - CEO

Lou has 15 years in the industry, skilled in software and website business impact, champion of females in tech roles, communicator between developer and client, workshop and seminar facilitator and thought leader for SME software and digital implementation.

I had a vision to give the SME market access to the kind of software and consultancy that was only available to the larger organisations with the larger budgets. I knew that this level of business activity was busy and multi-tasking and needed the clever software builds to support the innovation that was taking place. And that’s where we are today.


Dave Lee - CTO

Dave has over ten years in the software development arena, skilled in software development, team management and business process improvement and a advocate of agile and collaborative development frameworks.

I always had an ultimate vision of being a business owner which came to fruition a few years back, giving me the opportunity to provide the vision and oversight to develop software which would allow maximum business impact and process improvement through the use of bespoke software and system solutions.

Klaudia - software developer

Klaudia is a multidisciplinary software developer specialising in .NET and cross-platform mobile applications. Having experience in various aspects of development as well as UI/UX design, project management, and leadership, she feels best working on early-stage projects where she can help with various aspects of creating and launching a product.

I have worked with start-ups, digital agencies, and large corporations, and I always noticed similar inefficiencies in their software development practices. My goal is to help businesses tackle those issues by providing a clearly established process and delivering high quality products developed with care and attention.

Outside of work I enjoy gaming, game development and running. If I’m not at my desk, I’m most likely training for my next marathon, right now!

Laura - software developer

I am a full-stack software developer who has been collecting knowledge in technologies such as .NET, Python, Angular, Docker, Ruby On Rails, SQL databases, Docker, Kubernetes and diverse CI/CD systems. I know the importance of building maintainable and accurate systems, so I emphasise test-driven development, good development practices and robust testing while building a product.

Having worked in small and big companies, across different countries, I believe that every person’s experience is a learning opportunity. For that reason, my aim is to use technologic solutions to improve people’s lives. I’m a firm believer that everything we create should deliver benefit in a sustainable and valuable way to assist businesses in their own objectives.

In my spare time I enjoy playing videogames, watching series, reading and exploring my city. I also love animals and recently took up on being a Dog Foster volunteer.

Pawel - software developer

I’m a developer with a fourteen-year background in diverse facets of .NET development, encompassing analysis, design, development and execution of business applications. I have experience in best practices of software development, design patterns and unit testing. I’m comfortable with C#, .Net Core, JavaScript, Angular, Entity Framework, SQL Server, Docker and a number of other libraries. Besides these tools I also have experience with Kubernetes, terraform and Google cloud platform.

In my previous role I was a Tech Lead responsible for building a platform for processing financial data between corporates and banks. This product went through a successful test phase and is now being rolled out to a larger consumer group. My day-to-day responsibilities included providing technical support for developers and fixing issues related to environments or CI/CD pipeline.

In my free time I like to spend time with my family, try new restaurants and travel the world.

Roy Shelton - Chairman

An MBA Graduate and multi-award-winning senior executive with a 25-year track record of investing into, driving, mentoring and adding tangible shareholder value to privately owned, pre-IPO & Venture Capital / Private Equity funded SME technology, telecommunications and professional services businesses. I have gained significant experience with securing and managing clients & teams around the world.

I am the Managing Partner of DropJaw Ventures Group Limited who are an award-winning company based in Chester who provide access to capital, interim management & advisory services to scale up and companies in need of turnaround.


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    Giving back

    Code Nation

    We love to inspire people to think about tech as a career which is why we signed up to be a pledger with Code Nation in Chester. We found we were just as inspired by the talent and will continue to work with them and hope to see some of their apprentices as fully fledged developers in the near future.


    We were introduced to 2engage by a volunteer charity as we wanted to offer some of our business skills into the community sector who were struggling due to the pandemic. Immediately, I knew the work this group were doing should be given every support because it’s vital and so valuable as they work with young people, delivering educational theatre and art projects that ‘raise awareness, challenge perceptions and start conversations’.

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