Urban Technology was founded with this objective

To create business-changing software for ambitious leaders who are ready to step up to the next level

We wanted to give these hungry businesses the opportunity to have what the enterprise organisations had: a central point of truth where all their activity could be viewed in an instant so that they could visualise data and make accurate decisions to serve their business effectively.

When we emerged in 2005, businesses were still living in the land of print, websites belonged to the corporates, social media was a flyer on the bar and software was only for people who understood it in the first place. It’s been an incredible journey so far. A life-changing one for all of us and we are now in an exceptional position to shape business to fulfil personal ambition, look after our teams, give back and become efficient, effective and forward-looking.

Our development and consultancy hub is where we help SME leaders to innovate, shape operations and grow in efficiency and value. Along with this we want our story to be about education, empowerment and social conscience.

These are our values. They are more than representative – they are us. They are the rules we follow.


Honesty & Fairness

Care & Empathy

Curiosity & learning

We believe our values affirm and guide our relationships as we work relentlessly to nurture understanding and kindness for our clients and colleagues. We always insist on open and fair communication and the importance of taking ownership and control of our decisions. We are ambitious in our learning and work to share ideas, enhance the project experience and make giving back a priority.

Our developer team

Our innovative developers are all business-focused, based in the North west, have worked in both corporate and SME industries and are understanding of the internal pressures being regularly met by businesses, rather than coming from agency backgrounds. This greatly assists the strength and success of the team as we share the same principles and desired outcomes for our clients.

We are proud of our articulate, intelligent, dedicated and inspiring dev community who never let a challenge defeat them.

And this is our core team…