Dave has over ten years in the software development arena, skilled in software development, team management and business process improvement and a champion of agile and collaborative development frameworks.

After graduating university, I found myself pursuing a career in tech with one of my first experiences being in computer forensics at Cheshire Constabulary. Although I thoroughly enjoyed my first foray into the tech sector, my real passion lay within software development and using tech as an enabler to improve and automate business processes. After learning the fundamentals of software development at one of the UKs largest pharmacy chains I then moved into more specialised software development for the logistics and freight forwarding sector, developing software which automated and improved efficiency during the entire B2B process of shipping chemicals around the globe.

I quickly moved from grass roots development into management, where I enhanced my development skills and started applying agile frameworks and to delve into cross team software collaboration which later became what we now know as DevOps.

I had always had an ultimate vision of being a business owner which come to fruition a few years back, giving me the opportunity to provide the vision and oversight to develop software which would allow maximum business impact and process improvement through the use of bespoke software and system solutions.