Lou has 15 years in the industry, skilled in software and website business impact, champion of females in tech roles, communicator between developer and client, workshop and seminar facilitator and thought leader for SME software and digital implementation.

My dear Dad did his best to teach me about mainframes and C++ when I was a teenager. It just took a little longer to peak my interest but I think tech must run in the blood.

Post graduation, I found myself in the tech arena after some time spent as a marketer and teacher. I was always driven to have a business and had established a magazine, and contributed as a writer on art and culture around the north west. As online activity was beginning to grow and business were beginning to establish themselves in the digital world, I taught myself SEO and SEM. It was so new that no one was being taught in any formal way. I moved into agile business development and partnered with a number of agencies as their technical team.

I had a vision to give the SME market access to the kind of software and consultancy that was only available to the larger organisations with the larger budgets. I knew that this level of business activity was busy and mutil-tasking and needed the clever software builds to support the innovation that was taking place. And that’s where we are today.