No round holes and square pegs: Just a perfect fit, because building your customer relationships is building your business.

There is only so long a collection of spread sheets, files and unused subscriptions will effectively manage and run your customer communications. Taking care of the people who will consume our service or product is the shrewdest thing we can do. Supporting them with useful, straightforward and accurate systems opens up the opportunity to make significant changes within your business. This is not a complete list, but it is one born of knowledge from over 15 years of working with teams and customers like yours.

Customer relationship management
This is often the starting point for a business, but it is also vital that it complements what’s happening in the rest of the organisation. The temptation is to keep it separate but its power is fully revealed when it becomes a part of your full eco-system.

Customer portals
Moving some of your processes into a customer portal has a dual effect: your customer engages more deeply with your company and you save time on resources performing administrative tasks such as sendingdocuments, reminders and invoices.

Proposals and quotes
Creating proposals can be resource-heavy so it makes sense to have a system to produce sophisticated and refined documents whilst tracking their journeys. Following up or combining with a quote will create efficient communications with your customer, illustrate well run operations and inspire trust. If this is combined with an e-signature, the process becomes entirely efficient with a higher level of automation.

Enquiries and pipeline management
In-bound enquiries become prospects who need to be guided towards a purchase but to hold knowledge of where each prospect is on that journey in spreadsheets, pieces of paper and filing cabinets is not an efficient and fail-safe method. Creating a system to manage this will keep prospects informed and ready to buy because the process needs to be inclusive and always aware of the customer’s need for information.

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