A business needs to be able to understand itself holistically through data and to weave software into the fabric of its operations to gain greater control.

When this happens, you create a ‘single point of truth’. This is vital in order to be able to understand the true health of the business, make informed decisions about investment and resources and to become proactive rather than reactive. All of this leads to growth, great customer service and more time.

These are some of the keystones of the data apex:

Team and management dashboards not only present real time stats, they provide a framework for the key drivers – sales and customer service.

The wholesome benefit of reports is education. As we know, business ownership is continuous learning so having a set of data that reveals truth about the health of the organisation means there are no blind spots, no surprises and full control.

3rd party integrations
If you have a specialist piece of software, particulalry an industry-standard one, there is no real benefit in recreating it. Instead, an integration into your own eco-system means we can close the data gap and create a full cycle system so that all elements of business activity are captured.

Data cleansing
If you have a business history, you will undoubtedly have unrefined, unreferenced data that doesn’t have a home. It is very likely that data records can run into the 10s of 1000s and until the knots are unravelled, any new system won’t run to its optimum. As we know, data quality is the human’s job.

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