Getting the internal systems right means employees have greater input, feel more engaged, feel supported, encouraged to diversify their roles and are more loyal as they feel personally connected. They are also the people who understand what their role needs.

Workflow and task management
You’ll often find that workflows in CRMs stop short of getting the job done. There is often a sales process but once that sale has been agreed, the next steps are never a part of the software. We help you and your team to carry the workflows right through the orgnisation, to capture every task and assign it to the right people.

Project management
Depending on your industry, a project could vary dramatically from design to factory to logistics. In fact, every SME I’ve known will be running various projects outside of their main services; such as a marketing or PR campaign, an ISO certification or the development of a new product. Cascading your ideas into a working plan with reminders, responsibilities and updates moves the project to its completion.

Social media distracted us for a while and Intranets became less popular but now we’re learning to build Intranets from a bottom up approach – led by the team, using common behaviours and integrating great 3rd party apps, Intranets are the perfect communication tool for every member of your organisation.
Share your business – commercial, social, opinion, ideas, feedback, charity, future, challenges, news…stay connected.

Human resources
Even some of the larger SMEs have ‘cobbled together’ HR and few smaller organisations have a dedicated HR professional. Tracking holidays, sick days, disputes and care for each individual needs a system that’s accessible by both the management and workforce. A company who services its people with a dedicated HR system, shows how it values and respects them which in turn inspires loyalty and higher levels of well being through out the business.

If you’d like to have a more detailed discussion and have some thoughts around making improvements, we’d welcome the opportunity to listen.