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Agility Logistics is a worldwide freight-forwarder, with offices in 100 countries. The business is split in several divisions with their specialist Chemicals division being one.

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As with many large companies, Agility has large, inflexible backend data systems operating at its heart, which ensure that the core distribution data processing is handled reliably and accurately.

Whilst this stability is important to the day-to-day operation of the business, it does also provide challenges where flexibility is concerned, making development of modern reporting and intelligence applications difficult.

Making changes

As with any business, users need to be able to view data in flexible ways, which may change week to week. This flexibility is at odds with the needs of the core transaction handling requirements of the business, which rely upon stable, reliable processing of orders through to completion.

Additionally, larger businesses often produce very large amounts of data, which can pose challenges for flexible reporting systems, as handling large amounts of data careful consideration in order to ensure applications that perform well for the end user.

We have implemented applications that extract data from the central systems at pre-defined times, only accessing changed datasets to optimise import performance.

This data, once extracted into a reporting data-warehouse, is used for responsive reporting and dashboard applications, providing the management teams with prompt management reporting and highly summarised views of data in interactive dashboard views.

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