Documenting the technology

DSV is an eco and health friendly logistics solutions for the chemicals industry.

Our client

DSV recently acquired Agility Chemicals who we had worked closely with on their incumbent systems. The logistics industry is complex and heavily reliant on its processes. Our client had suffered from many systems all responsible for different tasks but they were so heavily embedded in the structure of the company. So when

Making changes

We are working with them to create a suite of documents to guide users and management and to assist the transition during the acquisition.

Future plans

To develop a documentation app to better support the internal processes. DSV recognise that expectations and demands are increasingly high and in order to meet these, they need to use technology to provide smarter ways for supply and interaction.

What the client says

"At DSV, we believe that with cutting-edge operations and the right products on the shelves, customers will choose us. We stay inspired and embrace innovation by digitising our core business and creating new digital solutions – all for the benefit of the customer experience."

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