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Making a good start with consultancy

AUTHOR Lou Crane

DATE May 2020


Our consultancy helps business owners to confidently make decisions about their operations and processes.

Our skill lies in identifying the technology barriers that stand between you and the management of a more efficient, effective and profitable organisation.

Technology can be complex and daunting and errors can be costly and resource-heavy so business owners can feel confident in handing over the process to a skilled consultant.

We can consult with you for a specific period of time to fulfil a specific challenge. We will run workshops and strategy sessions to understand your business, review your current technology and provide an independent recommendation for improvement

Alternatively, we can work alongside your IT department and the work they already do by adding expert resource to enable faster project delivery.

If you prefer, we can work with you from start to finish to analyse your requirements, carry out assessments and from it, create the desired software solution.

So that your software project will be a successful one, the program is designed to take you from an ideas and concept stage to a workable and practical roadmap. We will analyse business, systems and operations to support our mantra that ‘software does not exist in isolation’.

You have a choice of using it as a standalone service or as the start to your larger project.

Employing it as a service in its own right is essential for those businesses who are looking at bringing many areas of their operations into one piece of software, making distinct changes to processes, those who need more strategic and planning support and where the plan needs to be presented to stakeholders.

Equally, we know that some businesses may have fewer requirements for change or can ringfence the changes with minimum impact and so our research program with you will become part of the project steps.

Both approaches have the same target – to guarantee an effective software project to solve business challenges, delivered on schedule and to budget.

Here’s what the program covers

  • Initial workshop to assess your business goals, organisation structure, industry standards, growth inhibitors, your users, resources and IT structure
  • A Focus Group which will be a Q&A involving the people who will be using the software and/or the management team, looking at margins for error, time wasting activity and workflow
  • Look at existing capabilities and help you to make decisions on what to improve, move away from or to combine several systems.
  • Identify your values and illustrate where technology will help you to achieve those
  • Define employee roles
  • Describe KPIs and how they can be achieved through software capability
  • Create the most efficient workflows which you can then apply to development
  • Creating a Features and Functions (F&F) list with a ‘now’, ‘later’ and ‘future’ plan

For costs and further program details, please email to discuss how we can help.