Why might your business need a development partner?

Latterly, businesses have found themselves heading towards a cycle of ‘continuous tech innovation’. This means that It’s unlikely a system installed 5 years ago is now still performing against every metric, so accepting the reality of harnessing and improving software to deliver your projects and run your business is a shrewd one.

A partnership with a company like Urban means that you can take this task and place it into our care. Or you can choose to share the tasks if you have some in-house capability.

If you have identified any of the following, a partnership may be the solution:

  • The complexity of the project is not something that can be dealt with in-house
  • There are not enough internal resources for a project to run with expediency and success
  • The burden of the technology is significant and is causing disruption
  • Committing to hiring a dev team is not viable/within budget
  • Your business is not interested in adding software development to its operations but does value the need

Partnering together creates a framework for innovation, stability and leadership and an opportunity to shape the business for the next phase of its journey.

What is our role?

We are tech enablers. This means we support you in your exploration of technology, we challenge decisions, we ensure you are using the most effective tech in the optimum way and assist you to develop a deeper understanding of what that tech is doing for you.

We will:

  1. -Fill the gaps between the outcome you want and the delivery of the solution so that we grow the technology to meet your business goals
  2. -Hand-hold you through the whole process with daily stand-ups, partner meetings, staff training, adapting new cultures and guiding you through longer-term decision making
  3. -Create an intelligent tech stack that will be future-proofed, stable and secure
  4. -Document the project so that you can bring in additional support without worrying about complex hand-overs
  5. Direct you away from short-term, quick wins towards a more sustainable, mapped approach, which offers a far stronger foundation for growth

We wrap a team of support around your project; whatever shape is needed which may be a single developer, or a project manager to a CTO. We can stay as long as is needed to deliver your solution or work on a monthly task list to get you to your goal.