Do you have a great start-up idea? Or a product that you want to add into your offering?

We are well placed to help you make that start because we’ve been there ourselves. We know there’s a difference between a brand new business and a more established organisation. Your concerns and pressures vary greatly and you may have fewer people around you for that support. So, before you jump straight into a project, we’ve put a discovery plan in place first for a one off fee. For just £2195 (+VAT) and redeemable against development costs, we’ll get you on the road with a package of support, clarity and investment-ready data.

Here are some of the elements we’ll explore together:

  1. How your ideas fit into your strategy
  2. Your expectations for the product or service
  3. Likely market responses
  4. Price points
  5. Funding and grants
  6. Roadmap
  7. The first 5 years
  8. Slide deck to showcase your plans

This is a stand-alone service so there’s no obligation to continue through to development with us. Of course, we would love to see you as part of the Urban network for many years but you need flexibility of choice and we support that.

Should the discovery plan really fire your goals, we’ll work alongside you to get these plans into a physical form to deployment and to market.

At Urban, we are skilled to give you the following services:
• Defining your product into stories and sizes to give you a landscape and time frame
• Clear milestones so you can plan your resources and we’ll work efficiently around your busy times
• Creation of wireframes to build the picture of your software
• An Agile approach in small sprints so you have maximum control

• Creation of an MVP (minimum viable product) for demonstration to stakeholders/investors/prospects
• Introductions to other skilled professionals in marketing, sales, PR and IT for opportunities to scale
• A comprehensive support plan with warranty and bug-fixing

• Code maintenance and repository
• Hosting consultancy
• Full IP ownership for you and your business, OR
• Co-ownership if you’d prefer to partner with us to support the development and sales of a new product

Got an idea you’d like to run past us? Let’s just have a chat first and see if we can help.