“If you want to build a complex system that works, build a simpler system first and then improve it over time…”

The world has never experienced a more competitive landscape. Businesses, no matter which industry, are having to operate under extreme pressure to become more efficient and lean and process-driven in order to amplify margins and the longer-term growth.  

It is a real and absolute privilege to be a part of those pivotal discussions and to listen to the people in the room who are impacted by the decisions. These meetings reveal stories, history and personalities that are the backbone of the organisation. We hear about the successes and the times when it got a little worrying and the anecdotes and the real lives who are touched by the work they do. 

Our role affords us the unique position of sharing tangible, practical approaches to resolving challenges with data because largely, the conversations circle back to questions about data and how to manage it. It is one of the most frustrating and complex areas that can take a company on a roller coaster ride. But we start small and we unravel a bit of the chaos and the knots that have become barriers to the hoped-for growth.  

Collaboration is very much the key to designing a solution – a bottom up approach where we explore the fabric of the business together and the best parts are when we finally get to hear about the ambitions of the business owner. It maybe the first time these ambitions have been given a voice and we help to take away some of the overwhelm and offer clarity and options.  

Giving your ideas a framework is the first step and we can offer assistance through several channels

Process mapping
We can do this bit for you. This is the foundation work that becomes the backbone of your business and its operations. Without understanding your daily processes we can’t create your software or the impact your decision making has on everyday activities.

Sitting aound a table (when we can), sharing thoughts, cascading a plan with post-its and designing solutions is our favourite moment. It’s where we begin to dig deep into your business, learn about your environment, your team, your ambitions and the culture and ethics you’ve created.

Unique solutions
Some businesses can’t fit what they do into standard software. There may be no existing blueprint for what you need but if you show us the challenge, we’ll find a way to build what you need.

Let’s help to shape your ideas. Download our Discovery Workbook to explore the important questions that will put you on the best foot to move onto the next stage.
Download here, print out and complete.

Your Urban discovery workbook


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The very early days of an idea are susceptible to being shelved as it becomes clear that it needs external help. Don’t leave ambitions to gather dust. We can guide you to a decision – whether that’s to move on or to move ahead.