Sometimes all we know is the outcome we need, but how to get there isn’t clear, especially if this is your first time. We don’t expect business owners to know in fine detail all the operational paths and the impact tasks can have, so we take you through a discovery phase that explores and exposes each activity.

The world has never experienced a more competitive landscape. Businesses, no matter which industry, are having to operate under extreme pressure to become more efficient and lean and process-driven in order to amplify margins and the longer term growth

It is a real and absolute privilege to be a part of those pivotal discussions and to listen to the people in the room who are impacted by the decisions. These meetings reveal stories, history and personalities that are the backbone of the organisation. We hear about the successes and the times when it got a little worrying and the anecdotes and the real lives who are touched by the work they do.

Our role affords us the unique position of sharing tangible, practical approaches to resolving challenges with data because largely, the conversations circle back to questions about data and how to manage it. It is one of the most frustrating and complex areas that can take a company on a roller coaster ride. But we start small and we unravel a bit of the chaos and the knots that have become barriers to the hoped-for growth.

Collaboration is very much the key to designing a solution – a bottom up approach where we explore the fabric of the business together. Giving your ideas a framework is the first step and we can offer assistance through several channels

When we go through this project with clients, it offers the following:

1. It forces you to question every task that is carried out and the reason for it.
2. It assists you to understand where there are gaps in your data collection or places that make it vulnerable.
3. It highlights bottle necks.
4. It helps you to understand your business in more detail than you thought possible.
5. You learn that what you needed was was not always what you wanted.

How will you and your business benefit?
We will help you to get all this into an agreed map and we encourage as many members of the team to contribute so that the approach is holistic and not based on one person’s view.

These are some of the elements we’ll deliver for you:

  • Illustrate the path from person to person and department to department
  • Set SLAs and KPIs for each task
  • Stress test the challenging paths and offer alternative(s)
  • Research the API availability of any integrations needed
  • Improvements we can make to efficiencies
  • Illustrate where automation can be introduced
  • Define user roles: how, why and where

Stepping through this exercise will give you clear options on how you can move forward:

  1. Treat this as a one off project which can be used to present a business case or an assessment of staffing and procurement
  2. Use this to further inform a software project with us for which we will offset the fees against the project cost
  3. Use this to take to your in-house development team or outsource to another team

Here’s how one business benefitted from working in this way:

  1. Did we clarify your needs?
    Absolutely, working through the process with Lou, it challenged me to think deeply about what we want, what the system would ultimately look like and how it would meet our needs.
  2. Do you have a better understanding of what would be involved in creating a bespoke build for you
    Yes, I didn’t realise just what was involved, not just in the process but with regards to our own SLAs and controls. What you think of as a simple business practice like getting a client through to a sale is in fact perhaps 50 pieces of work/separate tasks that need completing!
  3. Did we give you a clear idea of time and cost?
    Definitely. Both lower and higher quotes to manage expectations to avoid surprises, which is good. Obviously, when the project scale was revealed this then allowed an understanding of timescales also.
  4. Did this process help you to make a decision?
    Ultimately, yes. Whilst the resulting project was significantly higher than I may have first thought (given the much larger piece of work than was envisaged) the work was clear and would allow us to make a decision and budget accordingly going forward.

For a guide on cost and geting started, please complete our form or use the contact page for further options. We look forward to speaking with you.