Alpha had been in business for 29 years with an office full of papers, folders, printouts and archived sales documents.

When they asked for our help they’d reached a point of real need. They had started to notice that all customers were not having the same experience. Each step of the process from first enquiry to quote acceptance required many pieces of paper and triple copies being filed away or handed to the surveyors.

Although this was nothing new in our experience, the challenge for us was allowing Alpha to make change that felt comfortable and achievable. So, whilst we knew we could make incredible changes right across the business, we decided to take it slower and give Alpha a longer period to adjust and consider making change over 6, 12 and 24 months.


When we first spoke to the owners, they asked many ‘can you…’ questions. Alpha’s experience of software had been minimal with no knowledge of what could be achieved, so we wanted to create an incredibly user-friendly kit with a simple interface and recognisable features. We knew that spending time observing their daily behaviour, mapping each step and reducing workload before encapsulating all this in their own foundation software was the better approach.

The team at Alpha needed reassurance that change would be positive and that it would be mindful of their culture and people.

They didn’t need the complexity of a software full of features and functions that were simply not needed so their system does nothing more than they need. There are no ‘extras’ or unnecessary elements just to make it look good. Most importantly, it has given them the opportunity to begin to streamline every process, to eliminate much of the paper, to stop data disappearing and to recreate the same steps every time. Once you know your steps are right, you’re on the way to efficiency.


The sales team now has a robust end-to-end system that tracks enquiries, surveyor appointments and an action driven workflow with dashboard, quotes and cost sheets. It’s ready for the rest of the journey ahead, whenever they’re ready. Because now they have a deeper understanding of the business, its data and their goals.