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Achieving a coherent and integrated business brings myriad benefits, and the more complex the operations the greater the need to reach the goal of a fully unified and holistic business.

Over time, a company will inherit, adapt and create solutions to fix a problem, but little attention is given to how it works within the greater context of the organisation. Businesses don’t come as ‘standard’, they evolve and become far more complex than they began.

What happens when your
business systems don’t talk?

Having disparate systems leads to fractured and incomplete data and processes
You lack visibility of performance across your entire business
Decision-making becomes less clear and planning for growth is delayed
Poor performance and inefficiencies impact profitability

What is our role

We will work with you to understand each contributing piece of software and how the data is consumed, analysed and reported.
We will create middleware that becomes the central hub for all data to flow into and out of.
Your middleware becomes a dashboard where all your management information sits and displays real time MI.
The dashboard can show any combination of data that is needed to show business performance.
Reporting is vital and we enable you to create the optimum set of reports suitable for board packs, employee appraisal, investment and financial decision-making.
We will support any business to achieve a coherent and integrated business through guidance, planning and data management.

“A business that performs with clarity and visibility is a more profitable and sustainable business”

The culmination of integration is the dashboard

Dashboards are windows into the business where previously there have been blind spots.

The 3 vital jobs of a dashboard are to:

  1. Give visibility where previously you’ve had little or none
  2. Increase confidence in making decisions
  3. Report just one single point of truth so you can be reassured that what you see is a clear and accurate account of the business

Our services

Digital Transformation Partner

A full wrap around service for longer-term goals with an emphasis on collaboration.


A supportive deep dive into a business and its current tech solutions.

Core Software

Mission-critical software that solves business challenges and evolves as the business adapts and changes.

Discovery & Development

If you need some support with defining your challenges and creating a plan, our Discovery & Development Roadmap will be the ideal starting point.

Mobile App

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