Guerilla ICT needed a clear platform for their disruptive message and have caught the attention of some big names

The aim of the website was to bring clarity to an already overly complicated industry, to offer a straightforward opportunity to have your costs assessed through the ‘Cup of Tea Challenge’ and to make the journey a pleasurable one. Initially, we needed to take Craig on a journey through his business to reach the core of what Guerilla was aiming to achieve and what it stood for. As a business owner, it’s sometimes challenging to distill these ambitions into commercial ideas but Craig took up the challenge with fervor and the result was a cleaner and more concise reflection of Guerilla’s position in the market. Craig said “The key to the success of the partnership was the way they guided me and kept me focussed on the content, marshalling me away from bad ideas and encouraging me to expand on good ones”

At all times we forced the decisions back to the mission and the value proposition being offered. Having that external guidance has been the cornerstone to getting the message out across the network whilst maintaining brand identity and consistency.

Guerilla ICT engaged The Urban Technology Group to discuss what we wanted and how we wanted to project ourselves. Urban got us immediately. I felt from the off that we had the right partner. The resulting website that has been produced surpassed my initial hopes. Our website would be nowhere near as clear and concise were it not for the guiding hand and work rate of Urban Technology. I would highly recommend them to any business. We love it. 

The website now gives Craig permission to showcase what Guerilla can do. It’s the company’s backup and touch point for all interested parties. It gives credence and authenticity to his marketing collateral and a platform from which he can continue their incredible growth.

The next steps are a collection of videos, photography and interactive tools to give a richer experience. But it’s about being strategic in what is needed, not throwing every tool into the box just because. We are here to support Craig on his journey and we’ll guide as much or as little as he requires but he’s reassured that we are looking after the site, tailoring it as Guerilla evolves and sharing his news with pride.

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