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What exactly is Digital Transformation?

AUTHOR Lou Crane

DATE Jun 2023


It’s a global business trend right now but is it the heavenly utopia we’re hoping for?

Many businesses start the journey without really understanding what they’re trying to transform. It’s not enough to simply digitise what is already there. It must be of significantly more value to the business than a series of systems that no longer rely on paper.

So, what’s the difference between digitalisation and digital transformation?
Digitalisation is still a valuable exercise which ensures all your data is in a digital format and is easy to access and share. A good example is using Sharepoint. It will create a more stable way to handle data and is a great foundation for allowing you to get to information and to make changes to it.

However, if the intention is to transform the business processes for the better, the step beyond this is where the business needs to place its focus.

To transform
To ‘transform’ suggests a metamorphosis which requires a deeper level of action and understanding. This is where a path of direction is devised and will look in a granular way at how each element of the business is intimately connected, the relationships within the business and how these can be optimised to enhance efficiency and output.

Why bother?
For these reasons, transforming into a digitally optimised business is fundamental to growth and success:
1. Becoming a connected company results in the organisation’s stakeholders making better decisions
2. Data becomes easier to collate, manipulate and understand so that finance, operations and delivery are carried out with more efficacy and impact
3. Business practice will reflect the business goals whether they shift or remain constant
4. Automation of processes leads to increased efficiency and productivity
5. Driving a process-driven business will reduce human error and waste

So really the question should be:
“How can I improve my business processes by harnessing technology?”

This approach is much more accomplished and impactful than hoping technology alone will be enough.